Men's Sweater & Knitwear

Knitwear Apparel Supplier


As a professional Knitwear apparel supplier, we specialize in knitwear production and sales as one company. We have our own brand, we produce knitwear, sweaters, woolen sweaters and other products. And we provide the best quality products, we have many years of production experience.

The following is the production process of our Knitwear apparel:

1Customer inquiry: The customer communicates with the supplier to inform them of their needs and requirements.
2Design confirmation: Based on the customer's requirements, the design concept and details of the product are confirmed.
3Sample provision: The supplier provides samples or pictures for the customer to confirm.
4Customer confirmation: The customer confirms whether the sample meets their requirements and provides feedback for modifications.
5Design modification: The supplier modifies the design according to the customer's requirements and provides a new sample.
6Production arrangement: After the customer confirms the sample, the supplier arranges the production plan.
7Production processing: The product is manufactured, including cutting, sewing, and quality inspection.
8Packaging and delivery: After production is completed, the product is packaged according to the customer's requirements and delivered to the customer.
9Customer acceptance: The customer inspects the product and provides feedback.
10After-sales service: The supplier provides after-sales service and support based on customer feedback.

Product Details

We have a very large size chart and our products can be used for men, women and children, the following is the size chart:

SizeWaist (inches)Hips (inches)Inseam (inches)