What is the term for knit sweater?

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Knit sweater terminology varies by region and culture. Here are some common knit sweater terms used to describe different types and styles of knit sweaters.

There are many types of knitted sweaters, such as sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, turtlenecks, etc. All of these sweaters are stylish, and we suggest that you can mix and match and wear them to your liking. :

1. Sweater: this is a generic term used to describe knitted tops of various styles and patterns. It refers to a garment with long or short sleeves, with or without a collar, usually knitted from wool or yarn.


2. Pullover: This is a knitted sweater without a front opening that needs to be worn over the head. It usually has a round, V-neck or boat neck, and the sleeves can be long or short. Pullovers are one of the most common knit sweater styles.

3. Cardigan: This is a knit sweater with an opening in the front, usually with buttons or a zipper for fastening. A cardigan can have symmetrical openings at the front and back, or only one side. It usually has a collar and long sleeves, and is suitable for wearing in situations where temperature regulation is required.

4. Turtleneck: This is a knit sweater style with a high collar that fits snugly around the neck. A turtleneck sweater can be a pullover or cardigan style with long or short sleeves. It provides extra warmth and is suitable for wearing in cold weather.

5. Crewneck: This is a knit sweater style with a round neckline. Crew neck sweaters are usually a pullover style with either long or short sleeves. It is a classic sweater style that is suitable for all occasions.

6. V-neck: This is a knit sweater style with a V-shaped neckline. v-neck sweaters are usually pullover styles with either long or short sleeves. v-neck sweaters have a V-shaped opening at the neckline, which makes them suitable for displaying neckwear or wearing a tie.

7. Cable knit sweater: This is a knit sweater style with a cable pattern. The cable knit sweater uses a special knitting technique that creates an interwoven horizontal and vertical cable pattern that adds texture and dimension to the sweater.

8. Fair Isle sweater: This is a knit sweater style named after the Fair Isle knitting technique. Fair Isle knitting is a colorful pattern knitting technique that uses different colored threads on the sweater to create intricate and beautiful geometric and floral patterns.

9. Fisherman sweater: This is a thick, durable knit sweater style that originated as a fisherman's garment. Fisherman sweaters are usually made of coarse knits and thick yarns, and have wider necklines and long sleeves to provide extra warmth and durability.

10. Sleeveless sweater: This is a style of knit sweater without sleeves. Sleeveless knit undershirts usually have a crew or V-neck and can be worn alone or as an added layer underneath a top.


Different kinds of sweaters above. Whether it's a pullover or cardigan sweater, turtleneck or crew neck, each style has different styles and features for different occasions and personal preferences. Whichever style you choose, a knit sweater is a stylish, comfortable and versatile piece of clothing that can add charm and warmth to your closet.