How do companies make knitted sweaters?

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Pre-production Preparation:

Regarding the production process of knitted sweater, it typically includes 8 steps starting from the design phase when customers present their requirements, to yarn procurement and selection of knitting techniques. These are the preparations made before production begins.


1. Design: First, designers create sweater styles, patterns, and colors based on market demand and fashion trends. They use computer-aided design software to create design sketches while considering the size, shape, and suitable knitting techniques for the sweaters.


2. Material Preparation: Once the design is complete, the procurement team collaborates with suppliers to select appropriate yarns and fabrics for making the sweaters. The type and quality of yarn are crucial for the final appearance and comfort of the product.


Production Process:

After completing the pre-production preparation phase, the actual production starts, which mainly consists of 3 steps: knitting, cutting, and finishing. This results in a complete garment, the finished sweater!


3. Knitting: The knitting department utilizes knitting machines or looms to begin the production of sweaters based on the design sketches. These machines automatically knit the yarn according to preset patterns and specifications to create the overall structure of the sweater. Workers monitor the machine's operation during the knitting process to ensure the quality and accuracy of the sweaters.


4. Cutting and Sewing: Once the knitting is completed, the sweaters are transferred to the cutting and sewing department. At this stage, workers cut the sweaters into corresponding pieces according to the design and size, and then sew these pieces together using sewing machines. This process typically involves sewing the shoulders, sleeves, and side seams.


5. Finishing and Decoration: After cutting and sewing, the sweaters undergo finishing and decoration processes. This may include steaming to remove wrinkles, straightening edges, and adding buttons or embellishments.


Production Completion:

When the production of knitted sweaters is finished, they undergo quality inspection and packaging. Once these steps are completed, the sweaters can be shipped to customers by sea or air.


6. Inspection and Quality Control: The produced sweaters go through rigorous inspection and quality control procedures. Inspectors check the structure, size, stitching, and appearance of the sweaters to ensure they meet the required standards. Any defective sweaters are either repaired or eliminated.


7. Packaging and Delivery: Once the sweaters pass the quality inspection, they are cleaned, folded, and placed in appropriate packaging. They are then packed for shipment to retailers or directly sent to customers.



The production process of knitted sweaters has been described above, which is generally followed by clothing companies in China and Myanmar according to a standardized process. Manufacturing and producing knitted sweaters involve several steps, such as design, material preparation, knitting, cutting, sewing, etc. Each step is crucial, and they are interconnected. With proper craftsmanship, high-quality products can definitely be produced.