How much does it cost to customize a sweater?

2023-06-06 14:39:43 Jiaxing Jingrui Apparel Co., Ltd. Viewd 233

Hello everyone, we are JNRYE, a clothing factory in Myanmar. We recently launched the custom sweater business, which has attracted a lot of attention. If you want to customize a sweater, there are many factors to consider, such as materials, craftsmanship, size, quantity, and so on. In this article, we will introduce the costs and prices of our custom sweater services that offer various styles.


What materials are used to produce sweaters?

The materials used to produce sweaters make up the largest part of the cost. The types and grades of different yarns also have a big impact on the cost. Currently, there are many types of wool on the market, such as wool, camel hair, goat hair, etc. Their price and quality mainly depend on the grade and source. Of course, synthetic fibers can also be widely used in sweater production. Generally speaking, natural fibers are more expensive than synthetic fibers, but they have better comfort and warmth because they are natural.

Hand-knitting and machine-knitting

In the current sweater production process, many processes no longer require manual processing. Different processing methods require different equipment and time. Hand-knitting a sweater requires a higher price, while machine-knitting requires expensive equipment and more electricity, and the cost is not too low. Different patterns and designs also require different machines and techniques to complete. Therefore, the craftsmanship is closely related to the cost.



The size of the sweater also affects the cost. Making a small-sized sweater requires less materials and time, so the cost is lower. On the contrary, large or extra-large size sweaters require more materials and time, and may require a higher level of craftsmanship, so the cost is higher.

The more you order, the cheaper the price

Many people say why the price of 2 pieces is twice the price of 200 pieces? Generally speaking, producing a large quantity of sweaters requires more raw materials and equipment, and the cost is relatively low, which can save more costs. If you produce a small batch of sweaters, the cost will naturally be high because there will be more labor costs and higher manufacturing costs, including the entire production line.


When you are considering customizing a sweater, you need to consider many factors, because each factor will affect the cost and price. The most important thing is whether the style is difficult to make and whether the craftsmanship is complex. Also, how many such clothes need to be made, the more orders, the more affordable the price. Generally, the price of customization is mainly several US dollars to tens of US dollars per piece.

In addition, when choosing a clothing factory, you must consider the following:

1. Service quality: Choose an experienced and professional sweater factory to ensure that you get high-quality products and services.

2. Production cycle: The production cycle will affect delivery time and cost, so it is important to choose a clothing factory that can provide an appropriate production cycle according to your requirements.

3. Price: Price is one of the key factors in making custom knit. You need to choose according to your budget and needs.

4. Design: Whether the clothing factory can provide various styles and designs, and whether it can make according to customer's requirements, this is another important factor to consider when choosing a clothing factory. If you already have your own design or ideas, you need to choose a factory that can make sweaters according to your requirements. In addition, some clothing factories may also provide design services to help you realize your creativity.