These four types of knitwear are currently the most fashionable

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What other kind of clothes can be worn all year round like knitwear? And a fine knitted garment is not only not easy to deformation and not easy to out of date, so look at the knitted sweater compared to other clothes is simply too good value there!

The following small strange will introduce you to four different styles of knitwear, there is always a suitable for you! In the end, which four kinds? Don't worry, let's talk one by one ~

Workplace style


In the workplace, knitwear is usually to be paired with a shirt, professional skirt or pants. So in the color is best to choose black, blue and other such low purity colors, these colors are easier to show your calm and reliable temperament

In addition, you should also pay attention to the best choice of slim fit version, too tight knitwear is too accentuate the female characteristics, and too loose style looks too casual. The style should try to choose those simple, no pattern is also possible, even if there is decoration is best in the collar, pockets or buttons on these relatively small places. Choose wool or cotton fabric texture will be better

Sports style

This type of knitwear mainly incorporates some elements of sportswear design, such as stripes, split lines, badges, zippers and brightly colored geometric patterns, which make the knitwear look very youthful and lively with a sense of rhythm.

Sweet style

What do you think of when you think of this type of style? Lace and ruffles? Of course, in addition to the above, such as doll collar, bubble sleeves, embroidery, printing, etc. are also very sweet.

If you look at the collar, sleeves and bottom hem of the knitwear, you can easily determine whether a knitwear is a sweet style or not. The color of this type of knitwear is relatively soft, and there will rarely be a strong contrast of color splicing on it

Exaggerated style

This is the first time I've ever seen a woman in the world who has been in a position to be a part of a family.

This kind of knitwear is very avant-garde and fashionable, generally speaking the face is more three-dimensional girls can better manage them, those who want to be different, highlight the personality of the girl is also very suitable for this kind of knitwear Oh.