About the inspiration of knitted garment design

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About the inspiration for knitted garment design

The nutrition of national dress and its connotation of the experience

There are different nationalities in the world, and there are 56 minority groups in China. Due to the differences in ethnic habits and aesthetic psychology, different dress cultures are created. The super short shirts and tube skirts of the Dai people, the red woven flower skirts of the Jingpo passion, and the bright saris of India are all exceptionally harmonious and beautiful, which provide a lot of inspiration for the design of knitted garments.

Experience with others

The new century is the age of information, and every day we receive information from all sides. Information from TV, newspapers, and fashion shows can be our design clues. Even the dressing of classmates and colleagues, the dressing of passers-by on the street, and the information on the Internet will be good design materials.

Nature's gifts

Nature contains beauty everywhere, a stone, a flower, and a cloud will bring inspiration to the design of knitted garments. The sun, moon, stars, clouds, rain, snow, and lightning are in the sky. The landscapes, flowers, trees, people, birds and animals, fish and insects on earth. From the macrocosm to the microscopic atoms, the bodies of everything have their own shapes, and the shapes of all kinds of things have their own images. For example, the basic structure of a snowflake is almost all hexagonal, but no one is the same on closer inspection; waves lap the shore in rhythmic back-and-forth movement, but each time with a different form and force impact ...... ancient and modern Chinese and foreign countries, many artists and designers have long been committed to the observation and study of natural phenomena, exploring the natural world from which to draw information and the laws of beauty to find useful inspiration for their creative inspiration.

Clothing design ideas are chosen from nature from the very beginning, and the patterns, colors, and materials of clothing are inspired by nature. Clothing style is generally a reflection of people's perception of various beautiful images in nature and thus in clothing. Women's banana collars, flower bud sleeves, etc. are designed by the inspiration of nature in the form of plants; butterfly collars, bat sleeves, etc. are designed by the inspiration of nature in the image of animals. These bionic clothing modeling, with their vivid image send a certain idea, ideal, hope, and interest, for the diversification of clothing modeling rich ideas.

Bionic design is the principle of design, the western 18th-century tuxedo, the Chinese Qing Dynasty horseshoe sleeves, as well as the modern duck-tongue cap, bat-shirt, etc. are all classic examples of bionic design.

Sister art of induction

Painting, sculpture, music, architecture, etc. are also sources of inspiration for knitted garment design. The arts are related to each other.

The lines and color blocks in painting and the various styles of the painting give designers endless inspiration. The beat in music forms the rhythm, the different musical notes in music form the melody, and the shape and structure of architecture and the use of the laws of form and beauty bring new inspiration to the conception of knitted garments.