How to Wear Knitted Hoodies in Style: A Modern Man's Guide to Fashion

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Every man should have at least one Knitted hoodie in his closet. But how do you put them together? Are there multiple ways to wear them? Hoodies have the potential to be the perfect combination of comfort and style. As men's fashion becomes more casual, streetwear is on the rise and casual wear is gradually but steadily making the transition to more luxurious clothing. It's time to start actively adding to your closet.

Knowing how to accessorize a wholesale hoodie can be challenging, but knowing how to accessorize it can dramatically improve the flexibility of the product.

Keep a straightforward approach. There are a myriad of colors, styles and prints to choose from, each of which works in its own unique way. However, if you want to wear a truly traditional hoodie style, keep the design basic. Choose black or gray hoodies; monochromatic and neutral colors mean you can pair them with almost any other color, and they'll look great.

Here are a few ways to wear this classic menswear piece:


This is a style that can be worn for any occasion. Casual and sportswear doesn't have to be limited, whether you're going to the gym or just grabbing a drink at the bar. The goal is to look purposeful, not as if you just rolled out of bed. The link between luxury and casual wear is becoming more and more apparent in high-end fashion. So make the most of your ability to make yourself feel comfortable! Just make sure you do it in style.



Once again, it's all about layering. Use hoodies to draw attention to the classic denim jacket. Contrast is something to be wary of. In general, you should use contrasting tones to break up the outfit. To avoid losing any part of the whole, the pants, hoodie and jacket should all be different from each other. We recommend a navy denim jacket, black leggings and sneakers. A style suitable for year-round wear.

Make it look good

Don't forget that a hoodie is casual wear; if you wear it as part of a semi-casual or semi-formal suit, your look will immediately be less dressy. But that doesn't mean it's a flawed concept. Wear a sharper jacket over your hoodie to create a natural look that doesn't require much effort. We recommend a black leather jacket, overcoat or Harrington coat.

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