What should I do if the sweater grows longer after washing?

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1. Scald with hot water

Longer sweaters can be ironed with hot water between 70 and 80 degrees, and the sweaters can be changed back to their original state.But it should be noted that the hot water is too hot and it is easy to shrink the sweater smaller than it used to be.At the same time, the method of hanging and drying the sweater must be correct, otherwise the sweater will not be able to return to its original shape.If the cuffs and hem of the sweater are no longer elastic, you can just soak a certain part, use 40~50 degrees of hot water, soak for less than two hours and then take it out to dry, so that its stretchability can be restored.

2. Use a steam iron

Sweaters that become longer after washing can be restored using a steam iron.Hold the steam iron in one hand and put it two or three centimeters above the sweater, let the steam soften the fibers of the sweater.Use the other hand to ”shape" the sweater and use both hands together, so that the sweater can be restored to its original appearance.

3. The cooking method

If you want to restore sweaters that have become deformed or shrunk, the “hyperthermia” method is generally used.After all, if the material of the sweater wants to be restored, it needs to be heated to soften the fibers and play a restoring role.For sweaters that become longer after washing, the cooking method can be used.Put the sweater in a steamer, steam for a few minutes and take it out.Organize the sweater by hand to restore it to its original state. It is best to spread out the sweater when drying, so that it will not cause the sweater to deform twice!

What to pay attention to when washing sweaters

1.In fact, it is generally recommended to wash sweaters by hand, but because of the washing machine, many friends are lazy and it is impossible to wash them by hand.Put the sweater in the washing machine to clean, it is easy to deform, pilling or shrink, so you need to pay great attention when the sweater is dehydrated.It is best to wrap the sweater in a bath towel or a large towel, and then put it in the washing machine to dehydrate, so that the dehydrated sweater will neither deform nor shrink. Pilling!

2.In order to prevent the sweater from deformation, the sweater can be cleaned in a washing machine without dehydration.Directly take out the non-dehydrated sweater and gently unscrew some moisture by hand, then put the sweater in a special sweater drying pocket and put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry.It's best not to expose to the scorching sun, otherwise it will cause the sweater to shrink.